In today’s era hair problems have become a complicated problem due to poor eating habits, messy lifestyle, polluted environment, and hormonal imbalance and many more reasons that cause hair problems. To take care of your hairs, you have to follow a certain routine, diet, and tips, which will make your life easy and hairs shiny.

Nowadays having hair problems at a very young age is common. Hair loss, baldness, dandruff, hair dryness, hair whitening are some major problems. There is lots of expensive treatment for hair problems but it’s often impossible for some people to get such expensive treatments. Some home remedies and some changes in your eating habits can help you to get rid of these problems, so here are some tips for your hair care.

 Few Basic Tips:

  1. Never wash your hair with extremely cold or hot water, always wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  2. Massage your scalp with coconut oil by using your fingertips.
  3. Wash your hair twice in a week with shampoo.
  4. Apply any natural hair food pack once in month.
  5. Never use someone else’s comb, always use your own comb.
  6. Whenever you wash your hair, massage your hair with warm oil 30 minutes before.
  7. To take care of your hairs, trim your hair every 2 weeks to get rid of brown and rough split ends.
  8. Apply conditioner after shampoo it gives your hair shine and protection.
  9. Try to protect your hair as much as possible from direct sunlight, dust, and soil.
  10. Add green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet it gives your hair natural shine.                           

 Easy Home-Remedies:

  1.  Mix some lemon juice drops in warm coconut oil and massage on your scalp before hair wash to get rid of dandruff.
  2.  Wash your hair twice a week with curd and honey it checks the dandruff problems.
  3.  Apply Aloe-Vera gel on your scalp and on your hairs to make your hair shiny and smooth.
  4.  Add apple cider vinegar in your daily routine to get rid of dandruff, baldness, hair loss and to get shiny hair.
  5.  Apply warm castor oil or coconut oil on your scalp and leave it overnight, it gives your hair nourishment, strengthens your hair and keeps you away from many hair problems.
  6.  Heat the onion, curry leaves, fenugreek seed and aloe-Vera in mustard oil until it gets halved and use this oil on a daily basis for thick and strong hair.
  7. Mash the banana and add curd, coffee powder and aloe-Vera gel in it, mix it well and apply it on your hair leave it for 30 minutes, after that wash your hair, it gives your hair next-level shine and strengthens your hair.
  8. Apply henna  (Mehndi)mask once in a month. coffee powder, yogurt, few lemon juice drops, and henna powder mix it all in a bowl and apply on your hair, leave it for 2 hours and then wash your hair.

Things to keep in mind:

Use the above tips to get shiny, strong and quality hairs, but don’t expect instant results, these are home-remedies and it will take time to get results. It will take a lot of patience and hard work to get quality hair.

Author: Pooja Bhatt